Firmware Expertise

Depend on GNHSoft For A Faster Time to Market:

Depend on GNHSoft For A Faster Time to Market GNHSoft provides engineer-to-engineer services from its U.S. and India offices. GNHSoft engineers have great experience and special skills in the system management and firmware areas. Our BIOS/EFI/Utilities/Diagnostics team has an unmatched experience (design, development/implementation, debugging and testing).

IPMI and AdvancedTCATM:

Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) and the Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCATM) technologies are widely used by systems/industrial computer Manufactures around the globe. IPMI and AdvancedTCATM advantages are proven fact. GNHSoft has distinguished expertise in the IPMI Firmware and AdvancedTCATM areas. Our IPMI Firmware and Advance TCA services include:

  • Platform customizations
  • Value-added components
  • Design and implementation (new features and projects)
  • Customizations
  • Testing and Validation

GNHSoft development team has well experienced in IPMI standard. Some utility and driver are listed below.

  • IPMITool is a command line utility for managing and configuring devices that support the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) Specifications. IPMI is an open standard for monitoring, logging, recovery, inventory, and control of hardware that is implemented independent of the main CPU, BIOS, and OS.
  • IPMIFlash is a command line application which provides a method to update Oracle ILOM service processor firmware and BIOS remotely over the management network or locally from the server.
  • Intel/AMD/VIA/SIS/ALI/Nvidia/ATI chipsets/CPUs
  • IPMIEvd is a daemon which will listen for events from the BMC that are being sent to the SEL and also log those messages to Windows Application Log.
  • ISM Driver is a Kernel driver that communicated with the BMC through Keyboard Controller Style (KCS) interface. It is developed for Microsoft Windows Server Operating System.
  • The Disk Control and Monitoring Utility (DCM) is a Server storage application that allows the user to manage the 48 SATA drives on the Sun Fire X4500 system. DCM uses Microsoft Windows Virtual Disk Services (VDS) and the WMI IPMI driver. Virtual Disk Service (VDS) is a Microsoft Windows service that performs query and configuration operations at the request of end users, scripts, and applications. The Windows IPMI Driver provides an interface to communicate with the Service processor (SP). The DCM application / library use the IPMI driver to access the service processor and get information from/to the FRU. DCM sends and receives all commands to the service processor using this IPMI Driver.
  • SUNcfg is a utility that provides host-based configuration of some BIOS and ILOM settings. The utility assists the host server in updating the settings of its own ILOM and BIOS during initial system provisioning. The utility makes use of the server’s in-band Keyboard Control Style (KCS) interface to the ILOM SP.

GNHSoft BIOS/EFI services include:

  • Platform customizations
  • Modules and components development
  • ACPI and power management
  • USB
  • HW power-on support
  • IPMI and event logging
  • Intel/AMD/VIA/SIS/ALI/Nvidia/ATI chipsets/CPUs
  • Muti processors systems
  • SMBUS; SMBIOS; SMI; Error handling; ASF;

GNHSoft Utilities and diagnostics services include:

  • Debugging tools
  • Development environment
  • Testing suites

GNHSoft Embedded Services:

  • Software Design (Bootloader, Kernel and RFS)
  • Hardware Design
  • Board Bring up
  • Testing
  • Based on Client request: Knowledge transfer to Clients HW’s & SW’s team.
  • Based on Client request: GNH HW’s & SW’s team work together with Clients HW and SW teams.

As experts in embedded work, the GNHSoft Hardware team and Software team has an extensive experience. Some of our Embedded projects are PDA and Secure 3G Router.


The PDA use it as Navigation unit with requirements like display position map, digital map navigation and also for Portable Industrial Man Machine interface over serial port. The architecture is with AM3354ZCZD72, ARM Cortex A8 Processor, and 720MHz with Graphics accelerator as a main processing unit with IC/Module interface solutions for all the required interfaces which are internal to the system.

firm1 Image

Software Design:

  • Device Boot Method and Boot Loader
  • Linux Kernel and Drivers: On-Chip and On-Board peripheral controller drivers (UART, GPIO, I2C, USB, SDRAM, NAND, MMC/SD/SDIO, LCD, RTC, Digital e-Campass, Accelerometer, Temperature sensor, Light sensor, Light sensor, Audio codec, HDMI transmitter, WI-FI/BT, GPS Module, 3G Module, Video Composite, LCD Multi touch screen driver)
  • Network Features (Network protocols and services)
  • Root File System and Software stack (Application Layer Utilities): Application layer interfaces, Device configuration and management modules
  • Board bring up and testing activates (Acceptance Test Procedure for the software modules of the PDA System. ATP describes the test strategy and the validation methods for different software components in the PDA.)

Hardware Design:

  • Requirement and Analysis
  • Processor selection Analysis: To choose the correct processors based on projects requirements (For this project we chosen AM3354 and reasons are: Processor and its Frequency, Serial ports, USB, Touchscreen, LCD, Video Out, Audio In, Memory card holder, GPS receiver, Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth-3.0 EDR, Graphics accelerator, Keys, Battery, LED, Memory, Cost, Tools, Evolution Boards and firmware supports, Power supply Input)
  • Update functional requirements: each and every component.
  • Design: Low Level design, High Level design.
  • Board testing


Secure 3G router is a gateway allowing users to access Internet over the 3G mobile network or through Ethernet. It is also designed to secure communication between two remote networks via encrypted tunnel between the two routers. The router uses a single 3G SIM card and provides wired and wireless connectivity as well as providing additional services such as firewall, NAT and DHCP.

3G as Access Point:

firm2 Image

Secure Connection via VPN tunneling:

firm3 Image

Mulitple Secure Connections via VPN tunnelling:

firm4 Image

Software Design:

Software modules required for 3G Router system, to function as the gateway to access the internet through 3G network and the wired Ethernet interface, to function as the Wireless Access Point (WAP) to form the WLAN and to support the secured connection between the devices are supported in the 3G Router system. Software features supported to make the secured 3G Router system are listed here.

  • Device Boot Method and Boot Loader
  • Linux Kernel from TimeSys is the operating system supported in 3G Router.
  • Support drivers for all the peripherals of the 3G Router product.
  • Support all the software stacks and software modules to make the SBC as 3G Router to access the internet and act as the access point for the Wireless network.
  • Support the software modules and libraries to configure and control the SBC as 3G Router.
  • Support the Web Interface software modules to control and manage the 3G Router remotely over the LAN and over the internet.
  • Support the software up-gradation of the SBC.

Hardware Design:

  • Requirement and Analysis
  • Processor selection Analysis: To choose the correct processors based on projects requirements
  • Update functional requirements: each and every component.
  • Design: Low Level design, High Level design.
  • Board testing

GNHSoft DMDF’s services include:

  • DASH SDK Client - Desktop and mobile Architecture for System Hardware (DASH) is a suite of specifications that take advantage of the DMTF's Web Services for Management (WSManagement) specification - delivering a web services-based standard for desktop and mobile management. DASH provides the next generation of standards for secure, in-band, out-of-band and remote management of desktop and mobile systems.
  • DASH power shell - command line interface which gets values from DASHAPI. Dashcli enumerates computer system, fan, sensors, chassis etc., under service processor in a computer system. It also adds support to user add, delete user, modify user and role accounts.
  • SCCM - The Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) DASH plug-in allows SCCM users to remotely manage client systems that support the DMTF DASH standard. The plug-in uses the DASH standard to enable out-of-band management of these clients (System management Server (SMS) is an old version of SCCM. SMS will do the same job as SCCM doing).

GNHSoft engineers have wide range of skills that include:

  • C/C++
  • x86 Assembly, PowerPC, IA32, IA-64, AMD-64, Itanuim
  • OOD, OO programming
  • PC Architecture, Customization, Technology/Specification Development
  • Remote management in servers, IPMI
  • Network programming
    • Network protocols: IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.11x, RFID, TCP/IP, SNMP
    • Network management framework (Web NMS).
    • 802.11x (WLAN) and SNMP protocols.
  • SMASH/CLP, CIM (Common Information Module)
  • Java and Javascript
  • Lex and Yacc
  • Embedded controller programming
    • PPC, Arm, H8
    • RTOS (uCOS-II), Embedded OS (Threadx, Embedded Linux)
  • Video compression
  • Eclipse, MFC
  • Web design and flash programming
  • OCR (optical character recognition)
About Image


  • Our safety induction training for our major plants in Ruwais required a complete re-vamp. To create and keep momentum, we renamed to project to Amaan. It has been a pleasure working actively with you, exceeding the scope.

    thmub Peter Vande Kerckhove

    IT Project Manager , Borouge.

  • just wanted to let everybody know the demos are going fine. SCCM we have had much traffic to the booth,and lots of positive comment about "what we are doing in the area of standards and open source enablement.Thanks for getting us this far.

    thmub Dave Neff

    Software Engineering Manager at AMD on Microsoft SCCM.

  • Thanks for your professionalism, and helping out during this unusual period. Looking forward for any future project in this area with you.

    thmub Christopher Johnson

    Software Engineering Director at Oracle USA.

  • In DCM GREAT job. Integrated chm Help, Drive Map, Locate Disk, Drive Map, Colors for BASIC vs DYNAMIC drives,ect. DCM is looking very sweet. Appreciate the great work, Looking forward for any future project in this area with you.

    thmub William Schweckert

    Windows OS Bring up Engineerr for X64 Servers at Oracle USA.

  • My feedback is very positive. I am impressed with the wake on DASH functionality. This design showed a good understanding of SCCM. What you are doing, al makes sense.

    Martin Buckely

    Microsoft System Center on SCCM.

  • I really appreciate the good and hard work from you and your team. I now, that your engineers do have avery impressive skillset and knowledge and I’m very confident that your team can technically handle the requested tasks.

    thmub Swen Buckley

    CTO-Raritan on RMSP Firmware work.

  • Thanks to all who worked tirelessly over the past few weeks to resolve all issues and get us to this point. I apprreciate the hard work by your team to tackle all issues. I have another project for your team for different chip that is being developed.

    Mehdi Bonyadi

    Senior Manager at sun Microsystems on VM/WIN Drivers for 1GB and 10GB NICS.

  • On the CEO Advance Leadership Sessions Thanks a lot for your wonderful efforts. We enjoyed the session greatly .Looking forward for any future project in this area with you. One key element of the successful delivery of this project was the crystal-clear analysis- and design document proving that all requirements were clearly understood and documented.

    Vice President Human Resources Department Head

    HR & Strategic Planning Division Dubai Financial Market

  • On the CEO Change Management Sessions Thanks you for all efforts spent during the change management course, and It was a pleasure meeting you again. Certainly your presence has added a great value to the course overall which led to meet our expectations and beyond.

    Senior Exec

    Section Head Market Surveillance Dubai Financial Market.

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